European Medical Massage Techniques Courses

Marc Aurel Institute of Massage Australia provides in a series of five Massage Courses the “European Medical Massage Techniques”, a summary of the best techniques from Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Richard Rohrhofer, the founder of the Institute, teaches techniques used by Viennese leading Medical Massage Therapists to treat medical conditions in collaboration with neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons.

It starts where other training courses end and saves you the time and money to travel to Europe to learn the most advanced massage techniques.

  • Richard is a skilled practitioner and what sets him apart from most presenters is his strong grasp of the subject matter, his ability to relate to members and guests.

    Veronica Watson
  • Richard’s outstanding abilities as a medical massage therapist induced me to work with him in a group practice. We used his talent whenever the methods of conventional medicine were unsuccessful.

    Dr Heinz Guenther – Surgeon
  • As a neurosurgeon I have cooperated with Richard for many years and could entrust him with the pre- and postoperative treatment of even the most difficult cases.

    Dr Johann Blauensteiner – Neurosurgeon
  • Within circles of experts, Richard passed on massage techniques, which he developed himself. His lectures have always been well attended and highly valued.

    Roman Rauch
  • Richard’s knowledge of complicated medical conditions and how to successfully treat these has greatly impressed me.

    Cheryl King

European Medical Massage Techniques Course 1

The newest European Medical Massage Techniques for cervical and thoracic spine, shoulder joint, and upper extremities.

When: coming soon
Where: Suite B, 34 Suakin Drive, Mosman, NSW 2088
Cost: $ 450.00

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Marc Aurel - Institute of Massage

European Medical Massage Techniques Course 2

The newest European Medical Massage Techniques for lumbar spine, sacroiliac joint, hip and knee, and lower extremities. Interpreting of X-ray and MRI, deepened analysis of pathologies.

When: coming soon
Where: Suite B, 34 Suakin Drive, Mosman, NSW 2088
Cost: $ 450.00

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European Medical Massage Techniques Course 3

You will learn the Acupoint-Therapy, a technique based on the principles of the Chinese Acupuncture and Meridians. It is successfully applied to help people with many conditions of pain and problems such as disc herniations, etc.

When: coming soon
Where: Suite B, 34 Suakin Drive, Mosman, NSW 2088
Cost: $ 450.00

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European Medical Massage Techniques Course 4

Principles of Acupuncture
Learn to find and to apply acupuncture points
Function and location of acupuncture points
The non-invasive technique to treat acupuncture points

When: coming soon
Where: Suite B, 34 Suakin Drive, Mosman, NSW 2088
Cost: $ 450.00

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European Medical Massage Techniques Course 5

The correlation between organs and muscles, organs and spine, brain and muscles

When: coming soon
Where: Suite B, 34 Suakin Drive, Mosman, NSW 2088
Cost: $ 450.00

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Are you thinking about joining the worldwide community of massage therapists?

Massage is increasingly recognised as an everyday part of life. More and more people in Australia and around the world have come to realise the benefits of having a regular massage by qualified and properly trained practitioners and now build a regular massage into their life schedule.

The benefits that a correctly applied massage can offer are unique to each of us because we are all different and what is good for one may not be good for another. Your masseuse must be able to assess your particular problem and apply the correct technique for your individual and unique situation. As we all know different massage techniques, in one way or another, will all help to relax tension in muscles, improve blood flow and generally help a person to relax. European massage techniques offer much, much more than simple relaxation. A correctly trained masseuse can directly and quickly relieve, for example, these all too common ailments:

Chest pain                             Head ache and migraine        Herniated discs

Joint problems                      Modic1 changes                      Muscle aches

Neck and back pain             Neuralgias2                             Shoulder problems

Stress symptoms                  Tennis elbow                           Psychological trauma

1 Modic: changes in bones and spine.

2 Neuralgias: acute spasmodic pain along the course of one or more nerves.

And many other problems of the musculoskeletal system. As you can see, a correctly trained masseuse can offer quick relief to a very wide range of afflictions that affect many of us during our modern, busy lives.

Although a masseuse does not need to be a doctor there is still a great deal of information they must learn in order to practice their profession safely and in a truly beneficial way. A lack of relevant knowledge can lead to a masseuse making a patient’s condition worse, sometimes much worse: not an outcome that is welcomed by anyone.

The Marc Aurel Institute of Massage have five different massage courses in Sydney, and is one of the few centres offering certified TAFE massage course Sydney. The courses available are professional courses aimed at training people to assist with a multitude of different problems. Below you will find descriptions of our increasingly popular training courses along with some quick and easy explanations of some of the more unfamiliar medical terminology.

All the courses at the institute form part of a progressive and comprehensive training program or they can also be taken as standalone courses to complement, develop and enhance existing skills.

The head of ‘Marc Aurel’, Richard Rohrhofer, founded our institute to fill a very crucial gap in Australia’s health sector. His massage training course Sydney series trains you to understand and interpret advanced massage practices. The techniques in these health courses Sydney are employed by leading message therapists in Europe and throughout the world. By studying them, you too can learn to treat a variety of medical conditions; conditions that are linked to both neurological and orthopaedic aspects of medicine.

Studying with us means you actually get to understand and practice the techniques. This is because massage is more than just a set of actions that can be repeated in every case. A therapist must learn to diagnose the ailment that his patient suffers from and apply a specific set of techniques accordingly. We make sure that students understand the science behind the techniques. When using massage to heal, it is important to realize that one size does not fit all.

To help you to become a skilled therapist, we teach a range of scientific principles and impart palpatory skills. Embracing these skills and the scientific theory behind them will enhance your perception and acumen. This, in turn, allows you to diagnose your patient’s ailment and to apply the techniques you learn while studying with us. The subtle science of massage therapy is all about using your knowledge to help patients get relief from their pain and discomfort. This is an ideology we strongly propagate, as it is the very basis of our holistic approaches.

By studying these holistic methods in depth, Richard Rohrhofer was able to create advanced massage courses Sydney wide for everyone who is interested in pursuing myotherapy as a career. Together with our professional staff, you can help raise awareness for this highly beneficial treatment. We welcome you to register for our courses and learn more about these time-honoured therapies.

We are proud to introduce our team members, each of whom is a trained therapist. They all advocate the healing benefits of massage therapy, sharing a passionate commitment to this all-natural art of healing. This ideology has pushed them to acquire an in-depth understanding of European massage techniques. Being fully qualified masseuses, they are now able to impart quality instruction in the form of massage therapy courses Sydney wide.

These courses are instructive for anyone looking to pursue a career in massage therapy. They will give you the confidence to apply the correct techniques to help actual patients.

Richard Rohrhofer

Our founder, Richard Rohrhofer, is a trained massage therapist with years of experience in myotherapy. As an ambassador for the nation’s leading representative body, Massage and Myotherapy Australia, he strongly believes in creating awareness about this holistic approach. This desire has motivated him to create a short massage course Sydney that is offered at our Institute.

However, this is not Richard’s first stint as an instructor in massage therapy. He has previously taught a course series titled “European Medical Massage Techniques”, which, among his other accomplishments, has given him plenty of experience in imparting massage therapy techniques to others.

As the founder of the ‘Academy for Massage’ in Vienna, he has worked hard to solve medical ailments using renowned massage techniques. Richard takes his passion for this ancient study very seriously, traveling to Austria, Germany, Switzerland and China to increase his understanding of the various techniques. With 28 years of experience, his abilities lie in medical massage therapy, Chinese acupuncture and osteopathic techniques.

Tess Handler

Tess Handler is our onsite remedial massage therapist with over 13 years of experience. She has had the honour of performing remedial therapies on the artists of the traveling show ‘Cirque du Soleil Totem’ and the talented players of ‘Water Polo Australia’. Handler’s comprehensive training includes a Diploma in remedial massage, a Certificate IV in massage therapy, as well as training in sports massage, Swedish massage, pregnancy massage therapy and aromatherapy.

Bettina Sepp-Wallace

As a trained Naturopath, Bettina has the ability to teach her students about holistic medical approaches. She has had 23 years of combined experience as a naturopath and a nurse in a medical laboratory. Her in-depth understanding of both alternative and Western procedures has enabled Bettina to adapt her treatment to the needs of her patients. This is an invaluable skill that she will delight in passing on to you through the Institute’s massage short courses Sydney.

The excellence and effectiveness of its therapy approach, as well as the experience of its staff, allows the Marc Aurel Institute to impart high quality instruction to its students. By studying our natural therapy courses Sydney wide, you will become familiar with the more advanced techniques of massage therapy. The courses will give you an exhaustive understanding of the skills needed to become a professional therapist. By signing up with our Institute, you can transform your passion for holistic wellness techniques into a highly rewarding profession!

These 2-day courses are practical and hands-on and the instructors make sure you have sufficient time to practice the demonstrated techniques. They focus on teaching the latest European medical massage techniques, training students to assess the patient’s ailment and apply the correct approach in such a way as to give immediate and long-term pain relief.

Course No. 1

The first course in our series focuses on techniques used to treat the cervical and thoracic spine, as well as the shoulder joint. It takes a look at ailments associated with the body’s upper extremities. During these Sydney massage courses, you will learn a series of mobilization techniques to treat the cervical spine. You will be able to understand how to detect and treat cervical spine misalignment as well as disc herniation.

The massage therapy techniques studied during this course are beneficial in treating migraines, vertigo and chest pain. They can be used to heal both carpal tunnel and thoracic outlet syndrome, as well as epicondylitis and nerve entrapment. In addition, we will also teach you how to interpret X-ray results and the scans of an MRI.

Course No. 2

This massage training course Sydney focuses on ailments associated with the body’s lower extremities. It will also build upon the previous course, giving learners an in-depth understanding of CT scans and MRI.

The course will outline the treatments involved in healing a range of ailments including lumbar spine, hip and knee problems, and sacroiliac joint. It aims to teach healing techniques for back pain, Maigne Syndrome, heel spur, hip impingement and meniscus.

Course No. 4

This course builds upon the understanding developed in Course 3 by focusing on acupuncture. It teaches you how to find acupuncture points and understand the role they play in the body’s functioning. Attending this course will enable you to use acupuncture to treat ailments such as:

Disc herniation                                  Spondylolisthesis                    Bursitis

Chronic sinus and ear infections      Chronic nerve root irritations

Headache and migraine

Acupuncture is also useful for:

Pre and post-surgery treatment       Inflammatory processes

Pregnancy, delivery & labour           Scar treatment            Organ testing

Course No. 5

This final course focuses on understanding the body’s functions and how they are interlinked. We will focus on the correlation between:

  • The organs and muscles
  • The organs and spine
  • The brain and muscles

This involves studying the body’s neurovascular, acupuncture and neurolymphatic points, as well as the extraocular muscles.

This last instalment of our massage courses Sydney also looks at the links between emotional stress and these nerves and muscles. You will be taught how to use massage as a relief technique for emotional stress.

We are committed to helping you improve your patient’s health and wellbeing. Whether they are suffering from stress, an injury, work pressures, or old age, we will equip you to bring relief to the lives of people suffering. You will learn how the human body works, the different ailments it suffers from, the techniques to overcome them, as well as how to apply these techniques practically.

Courses 1 and 2 focus specifically on massage techniques to treat everything from migraines to bone pain. Courses 3 and 4 focus on the Chinese holistic techniques of acupuncture and meridians to aid the body’s natural healing process. The basis of these techniques is summed up in Course 5, which focuses on the link between the body’s different functions. An understanding of this is crucial, as it forms the basis of the therapeutic techniques taught at the Marc Aurel Institute.

Our team of specialists give you in-depth insights into all the techniques outline above. Richard Rohrhofer, Tess Handler and Bettina Sepp-Wallace all have years of practical experience in the therapeutic techniques taught at the Institute. They are experts in various aspects of this holistic art of healing, and are eager to pass on their knowledge to you!

The courses we teach in this series have a lot of theory behind them, and this theoretical knowledge is crucial for your understanding of massage therapy. In order to understand your patient’s ailment and choose the best techniques for their healing, you need to have a basic understanding of different therapeutic methods and how they are applied.

However, as an institute that believes in a hands-on approach, we provide you with sufficient time to practice the techniques you learn. This will allow you to develop the skills necessary to become a professional medical massage therapist. It will also give you to the chance to ask informative questions and build your knowledge about specific techniques.

One of our key aims is to advance your understanding of and interest in therapeutic massage therapy. As such, our team has successfully designed courses that will refine and advance your knowledge of massage therapy and ensure you develop into a professional therapist.