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Marc Aurel Institute of Massage provides in a series of five Massage Courses in Sydney, the “European Medical Massage Techniques”, a summary of the best techniques from Austria, Germany and Switzerland; and saves you the time to travel to those countries to learn the most advanced massage techniques. It starts where other training courses end.

Richard Rohrhofer, the founder of the Institute, teaches the way that Viennese leading Medical Massage Therapists treat medical conditions in collaboration with neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons.

The Institute offers also treatments to solve problems and ailments.



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Symptoms we can solve:


  • > Chest pain
  • > Disc herniation
  • > Headache and migraine
  • > Joint problems
  • > Modic changes
  • > Muscle aches
  • > Neck and back pain
  • > Nerve pain
  • > Plantar fasciitis
  • > Problems of the musculoskeletal system
  • > Psychological trauma
  • > Shoulder problems
  • > Sleep disorders
  • > Stiff neck
  • > Stress symptoms
  • > Tennis elbow